Dutch naar Nederlandse taal


My name is Onno Leeraar, born 15 oktober 1962 in Oude Pekela (Netherlands). 

For quite some time I have been interested in who my forefathers were. In the past I have been  called sometimes by a person, who did a family tree research at the family name Leeraar. These persons I had to refer to my father. In 1997 a letter has been received from someone from Denmark who was in search of information about his forefathers with the family name Leeraar. Through the Dutch phonebook on CD I have helped him to a number of addresses.

Through the Internet I found out that many information is available. By looking around on the Internet I collected necessary data from Genlias, Ancestry and the Mormonen database. The data I found I assimilate in the free download program "Aldfaer". Then I did a further check in the Groninger Archive.
From that moment the addiction has entered. A lot of searching has eventually produced this website. First I only looked for data of the family name Leeraar in the province Groningen. At this moment I am researching the other branche. The first results you can find at the Jewish branch.

If you find, after examining the data, some errors please let me know. 
Supplements, modifications an remaining responses are possible through e-mail: o.leeraar@hccnet.nl.

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