Jewish branch

On 24 january 1812 Abraham Levie takes in Amsterdam through an act of name adoption the name Leeraar as family name together with his two sons Isaak and Jeremias (also called Elias Abraham). Isaac is at that moment 31 years old and Jeremias 27 years old. Since 1811 Napoleon obliged the citizens of the Netherlands by Imperial Decree to adopte a family name. These names were registered in a register of name adoption.

Until now, not much is known about this Abraham Levie. He was born around 1745 and died in Amsterdam on 18 April 1819. His job was songs singer, artist and merchant. Around 1780 he married Judic Moses. However, he had an older sister, namely Clara Levie. She must have been born before 1745 and married around 1760 with Meijer Jacob Gersoni. On the death certificate of Abraham Levie Leeraar declares his cousin Gerrit Meijer Gersoni, born in 1768 and died in Amsterdam on 1 August 1847 this death. On the death certificate of Judic Meijer Gersoni, born around 1763 and died in Amsterdam on 30 April 1819, indicating that she is the daughter of Jacob Meijer Gersoni and Clara Levie. This death is explained by her brother Gerrit Meijer Gersoni. It can be concluded that Clara Levie the sister of Abraham Levie Leeraar.

Even the eldest son Isaac Leeraar has so far nothing is known. The other son Elias Abraham Leeraar all descendants largely known.

The first children of Elias Abraham Leeraar and Betje Meijers were born in Rotterdam and Den Bosch. There last child  has been born in Nijmegen. Both Elias Abraham and Betje died finally in Nijmegen. The children who has born in Rotterdam and Den Bosch, they spread there family further here, while the youngste child and his posterity spread themselves to Arnhem, Rheden, Zutphen and Maastricht. In the county Gelderland remarkable ther were many marriages between the families Cohen and Leeraar.

A lot of the familymembers died through the holocaust of the Jewish people in World War Two.

         Visualisation of the family tree of Abraham Levie Leeraar